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February 19, 2010

Welcome to the DIY SEO training site. My first training module is now on line. Blog Commenting is an excellent way for the SEO newbie to get their feet wet and start building high value Backlinks to  their website or blog.

I have also released the January SEO introduction series on this site as well. The series has been edited down to make it more watchable. If you are new to website promotion, you should take the time to watch this introductory series. It attempts to get you inside Google's head and to understand what this thing we call "Search Engine Optimization" SEO is all about.

Even if you don't intend doing the SEO and backlinking yourself, and you plan to have it outsourced, then you should also watch this series. It will prepare you with the basic knowledge that will protect you from the scammer who prey on the unknowledgeable website owner.

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