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Keyword Research

Keyword research is THE foundation your online marketing business is built on. Getting the right keyword is essential to moving your business forward. This module will go through a structured approach to researching keywords.

In this Keyword module we will learn:

  • Two hidden Google tools that will put you inside of Google's head.
  • Three things you should check BEFORE you begin finding keywords for your project.
  • How to quickly sift through hundreds of potential keywords to find the ones you should be using
  • How to see behind the keyword and know who is typing it into  the search engine.
  • A technique for quickly evaluating a new keyword idea… even at 3 am in the morning.



Keyword Research

  • Introduction
  • Who is My Customer?
  • Google Wonder Wheel
  • Google Insights for Search
  • Yahoo Answers
  • Demographics
  • Market Samurai Step by Step






Google "Yahoo Answer" Search Strings

  • "keyword phrase" "modifying phrase"
  •   Examples:
  • "make money" mom
  • "make money" "at home mom"

4 Responses to “Keyword Research”

  • Andrew Peel:

    Just thought I would demonstrate the importance of Dave’s training.

    I am reexamining my key phrases however one still seems to meet all the requirements. So I decided to focus my commenting strategy on that phrase. Just managed to get my Blog re-ranked by Google (i had to for technical reasons.

    AFter 1 month the main page is Google Rank 1, but here is the interesting part:

    Ways To Earn Extra Money – Static Page – Page Rank 2

    Testimonials – Static Page – Page Rank 2

    Home Internet Resources (All my affiliate logos) – Static Page – Page Rank 2

    So now I have an idea around trust building. When I do a generic article that fails to fall into a specific money page then link into to my Testimonials Page – that should help it rank higher and if people see my trust page is PR2 that will help.

    Also remember to check your Spam sections of your Comments there is the odd genuine one that gets caugh. Everytime a comment gets added to your post Google sees it as fresh content and helps your PR.

    Good thing is I only have two new pages to do as my PR2 page is UK trended and quite high along the OCI cycle.

    Thanks for the great training Dave.

  • Andrew Peel:

    OK if your failed to visit this link because you maybe have no version of Market Samurai the go visit it now.

    I’m serious guys there is a link to a free piece of software that decodes Google’s algorithm for Page Ranking. The Software is free all you give is your email and there is NO upselling plus there is a video tells you how it works.

    Market Samurai are calling it the software tool they wish they had written, that’s how good it is.

  • Andrew Peel:

    OK I hope you find this link useful

    It has 13 suggested plugins one I really suggest you instaLL is the one that prevents your Blog from pinging every time it is edited.

    I was amazed to find out that every time you edit your post the latest version of WP pings directories automatically. This can actually get you blocked as a spammer for your Pings.

    Once you use this plugi-in it pings only once when you start the posting process however does not re-ping on subsequent edits.

    Dave you may like to consider this on your list of essential plug-ins.

    the plug-in is

    cbnet Ping Optimizer

    Andrew Peel

  • Dave:

    Cbnet Ping Optimizer is a great plugin. It has been installed as a standard plugin on all the new blogs I setup. If I set your blog up in the last 6 weeks, this plugin has already been installed.

    I would second your suggestion that you add this plugin. In fact I am also adding a new list of ping sites to the blogs as well. I have just posted the list here

    Just down load it and cut and paste the list into ping sites field in Ping Optimizer.

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