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Introduction to SEO

In this series of Webinars, we will explore the basics of SEO. If you have recently started your own Blog or Website, then this information is for you. We will learn:

  • Why most websites never get a first page ranking in Google.
  • What are the 4 most important places on your website to put your keyword… and they are not in your article!
  • What is the number one factor Google uses to rank your website or blog.
  • How can you avoid being scammed by so-called SEO services.


iMovie-48x48 Part 1 – Introduction to SEO
iMovie-48x48 Part 2 – Introduction to On Page SEO
iMovie-48x48 Part 3 – Introduction to Off Page SEO

14 Responses to “Introduction to SEO”

  • Nancy Collins:

    Great information. I’ve been through all three videos twice now, and picked up something new each time.

  • Dave:

    Thanks Nancy,
    I’m happy it’s helping.

    For what seems like a simple topic, there is a lot of subtleties, I keep finding new stuff every week as well.

    I am looking forward to getting on the coaching call with you.

  • Gary Baker:

    Hi Dave
    Great videos, really benefical to a newbie like me. You mentioned the importance google places on .gov and .edu links, can you please confirm that the equivalent UK links eg and are given the same importance?
    Gary Baker(UK)

  • Gary Baker:

    Just came across an article on an interview with a Software Eng. at Google, its over my head at the moment but I thought you or other members might find it useful.

  • Dave:

    Anything from Matt Cutts at Google is the valuable insight into what Google is thinking.

  • Dave:

    Absolutely yes. The value of .gov and .edu sites is because they are well moderated. In other words, the links coming from these sites will be real and not spam. So it only goes to reason that the equivalent sites in the UK, Canada,
    Australia etc, will be just as valuable. Remember,its not just the name that counts, its the authority of the site. So the or sites in Canada are great. As are the in Australia.

    The other thing to remember is that a gov site from your own country would signal to Google that you have a measure of authority in your country. Hence, Google may show you more in your country. (they tend to do this anyway if you give clues to your location like your address)

    But as I think about this, I realize that this is potentially, a great source for new links. Most of the training out there is focusing on .gov and .edu. So most amateur SEO’s probably have not thought that far outside the box.

    Thanks Gary

  • Gary Baker:

    Great, because I thought it would be a good idea to join my university alumni and post on any discussions/forums I can find and just put my website address under my name when signing off. Would that give me the quality backlinks you recommend or is there more to it than that?

    PS How do I add my photo? Thanks

  • Dave:

    Yes leaving your link on your Alumni Forum would be an excellent idea. In fact in April I will be releasing the Forum commenting training.

    On most forums, you will have a profile area where you can leave details about yourself. Usually, there is also a signature file you can set up so your signature will be left each time you post.

    Be sure to leave anchor text with your link.

    Another good forum to leave your signature on is the Better Networker Forum.

  • Dave:

    The pictures of participants on this blog, are coming from All you need to do is go to, sign up for free and leave your picture. Real Simple.

  • Andrew Peel:

    Dave when I try and access Keyword Research Module as per your email it gives me a wrong member level access error. I left the comment here as it’s SEO related and I can’t leave a message on the actual module for the reasons stated above.


  • Andrew Peel:


    Yep it’s me again. It is probably me however I unable to find a way to leave comments on the Keyword Research Training Module. Can you offer any advice? Thanks


  • Dave:

    Comments fixed

  • Hi Dave
    going through the SEO videos was absolutely great for me. I just wished I had done something like that weeks ago. Even though I have taken heaps of notes – most of the information has actually been processed in my brain which amazes me…..
    Thank you.

  • Andrew Peel:

    This is a very serious issue for Bloggers using Askimet and WP Spam Free spam filters. Visit

    Apprently Askimet is refusing to confirm or deny the story. The point is legitimate comments to you Blog could be being censored and you may be completely unaware it is happening.

    I think it’s well worth us all looking in to
    Andrew Peel

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