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HTML Tutorials

The first video of the HTML Video series serves as an introduction to the HTML programming language. The HTML language is the key to how your browser interprets the code that makes up a web page; understand HTML and you'll be on the way to creating your own fantastic website in no time!

In video 02 of the HTML Video series, uncover the basics of a web page. You'll learn how to understand the key elements of HTML and how easy these are to use to create your very first web page.

In Video 03 of the HTML series learn the specifics of Meta Tags or Meta Elements. These are a great tool to enhance your web page in the eyes of the search engine crawlers; plus they're a crucial part of how your site is indexed by search engine bots. This is a not to be missed video if you want to propel your site up the search engine ranks!

While watching these 3 videos, you'll learn the potential pitfalls when setting your background color. Learn a variety of methods to enhance your site's background, plus how to create a dynamic page background – all using HTML.

Creating structure for your site is the focus in video 07 of the HTML Video series. Creating order out of chaos is the theme here – don't miss this if you are looking for extra ideas to make sure your site offers the best possible experience for your web page visitors.

In Video 08 of the HTML Video Series, learn how to make your all important website text leap off the page when your visitors arrive at your site. Your words don't need to be dry and lifeless.

Video 09 on HTML adds the splash to your web page. Learn many wonderful options to put a little color into your site.

In this video in the HTML video series the technicalities of inserting graphics will be simplified for you. Learn what compression is, why you need to know about it and when to use JPEG or GIF images.

In video 11 of the HTML series you'll be introduced to the ins and outs of web design. This lesson shows you all you need to know to ensure your page looks great and loads quickly, ensuring your site is more user friendly. These factors are crucial to keep viewers interested in your site.

This video shows you what Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and Server Side Includes (SSI) are. These aren't too complicated – but they are great little tools which will really help you to work smarter on you site.

Video 13 of the HTML Video Series starts to tie up the loose ends of your website. Learn what to look for when choosing a good hosting company for your site. Learn how hosting works, how to select a domain name (and even get some for free!) plus how to upload and publish your site.

The final video in the series covers how to monetize your site once you have it up and running.