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Forum Backlinks

Posting comments on Forums is a very good way of creating excellent links from sites in your community. In addition to being an excellent backlinking strategy, participating in the major forums in your community will attract traffic and build authority for yourself.

In this SEO module we will learn:

  • The two benefits of commenting in Forums
  • How to find hundreds of forums in your community.
  • How to properly set up your profile properly so your link spreads link wildfire.
  • Find .EDU forums and get backlinks WITHOUT leaving comments. The Lazy Method
  • Spend $13 a month and have a list of 80 high PR backlink sources delivered to your email box every month.



Forum Backlinking Training

  • Introduction
  • Finding High PR Forums
  • Forum Commenting Rules
  • Finding Moodle .EDU forums
  • Profile Backlinks
  • Summary
  • Q&A




Cheat Sheet


Profile Backlink Resources


Forum Search Sites


Google Forum Search Strings

  • "keyphase" + "forum"
  • "keyphase" + "forums"
  • See the PDF for Moodle search string

4 Responses to “Forum Backlinks”

  • Andrew Peel:

    This is an awesome list of 101 Forums related to making money I have bookmarked the thread and then gone through the list and bookmarked the relevant ones to a folder called Forums in Google Bookmarks

  • Andrew Peel:

    Slight correction to Dave’s video on Betternetworker.

    In addition Dave said he was unsure if you can have anchor text. The place to put your anchor text is in your about me section do a HTML link for each of your money pages in that section by working it into your About Me so you get the context.

    The same goes for a lot of other Forums that have About Me Sections

  • Gary Baker:

    Hi Andrew
    Thanks for sharing the link above. I was just wondering how exactly I get access the revelant ones you bookmarked?

  • Dave:

    Thanks for that update Andrew. In my training I was being very generic. If you are signing up to a forum for the purpose of participating, then by all means fill in all of the profile information possible. If on the other hand you are simply filling out the profile for a backlink, then be careful how many backlinks and anchor text you leave. The more “phony” information you leave, the more likely you will be flagged as an unwanted guest.

    You will see in Angela’s Packets that she leaves up to 5 links with anchor text in the about sections. There appears to be no need for extended text.

    The bottom line is if a webmaster decides to clean up his system, he is probably going to target all members who are not participating. So the content of the About me field is irrelevant.

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