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Find .EDU and .GOV Backlinks

I have had a number of people asking me to show them how to find .EDU and .GOV Backlink target sites. Well here it is. I am going to show you an awesome technique that will allow us to reverse engineer the backlinking strategies that the big players are using and create the backlinks on the same sites they are. What is even more mind bending is to realize that they are paying someone to place these links for them, but we can have them for FREE.

But let's review first why you should get excited about .EDU and .GOV backlinks:

  • Google trusts .EDU and .GOV links
  • These sites are usually well moderated and Google attributes a great deal of authority to these sites.
  • .EDU and .GOV sites often have a high PR
  • In theory these links are difficult to get… but we have a plan!

Caution: Once you learn this techique, you will be tempted to do as many of these as you can find. The more the better … right?

Well no.

Google is always on the look out for people who have too-much-of-a-good-thing in their linking strategy. We call this a foot print.

We are trying to implement a very natural footprint. A "normal"or natural linking profile would have only a limited number of these links. So I would recommend that you only create 5% or less of your links from .EDU and .GOV.

Consider these links to be the HOT Sauce of  the backlink world… A little goes a long way.



Finding .EDU and .GOV Backlink Targets

  • Find a leader to reverse engineer
  • Reverse Engineer the leaders backlink strategy
  • Cherry pick the best sites and leave your links




Yahoo Site Explorer

2 Responses to “Find .EDU and .GOV Backlinks”

  • Nancy Collins:

    Hey Dave, I’ve tried the search string above (till I’m blue in the face), but I keep getting zero results, then eventually a 909 Error. Even tried it with my own URL, same result. Must be doing something wrong, but can’t figure out what. Any suggestions? Thanks, Nancy

  • Dave:

    You are correct. As of August 24, 2010, Yahoo has discontinued the use of the “linkdomain” command. As of yet I have not found a free alternative for finding .EDU and .GOV domains.

    Here is an article explaining what Yahoo has done.

    I’ll have to look into posting .GOV and .EDU links on the DIY site.

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