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Do Follow, Verified Blog and Profile Lists

Finding blogs that are do follow and unmoderated is rare. These lists have been thoroughly researched, and to the best of our knowledge, are both do follow and unmoderated. Leaving comments on these blogs will be a quick method of getting backlinks.

A few words of caution however are required:

  • These blogs MUST NOT be  abused by spamming links. Please leave one comment at a time, and use good judgement when you write the comment and anchor text. Abusing these sites will result in the site owners removing the "do follow", unmoderated status.
  • Please DO NOT share these links with others.
  • Be patient and don't expect the backlink to show up immediately, it may take from several days to several weeks before the search engines index the blog and find your backlink. So be patient.
  • The lists are dated to provide you will fresh lists. There is a good likely hood that the older lists will have fewer do follow blogs on them. So start with the newer lists first and work toward the older lists.
  • These lists contain blogs with random topics. They will be very good links but not as  good as blogs from inside your own keyword community. So don't depend on this list alone. Learn to research your own do follow blogs that are focused on your target keyword.



These lists can be loaded with either:

  Microsoft EXCEL           Google DOCS



Every effort has been made to find the best blog lists, however, the results you may or may not achieve are not guaranteed. These lists are provided "as is" and you agree to use these lists at your own risk.

DoFollow Blog and Profile  Lists

Right Click and  "save link as" or "save target as" and save the file to your hard drive.