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Blog Commenting

Blog commenting has been known as an excellent way to participate in the Web 2.0 experience, unfortunately, that overwhelming success has also caused it's down fall. Today, Blog Commenting has become infamous for the huge volumes of spam it creates for blog owners. Fortunately, there is a way to reap the benefits of Blog commenting and avoid most of the hassle caused by Spam.

In this SEO module we will learn:

  • The two benefits that still make both giving and receiving blog comments worthwhile.
  • Two small changes to your blog that will stop Spam cold.
  • How to find communities that embrace commenters
  • Free tools that can find you dozens of high PR, comment friendly blogs in your community.
  • How to spend 20 minutes a day and build a huge number of high quality high value backlinks.
  • How one small change in your commenting habits can multiply your backlinks 5 to 10 times



Blog Commenting Training

  • Blog Commenting Introduction
  • Configuring a "Do Follow" Blog
  • "Do Follow" Traffic Strategy
  • Commenting Rules (Very Important)
  • Summary






"Do Follow" Directories


"Do Follow" Blog Articles


Google "Do Follow" Search Strings

  • "do follow"  "keyphase''
  • "nofollow free"  "keyphase''
  • "no nofollow"  "keyphase''
  • "comment luv"  "keyphase''
  • "you comment I follow"  "keyphase''
  • "u comment I follow"  "keyphase''

14 Responses to “Blog Commenting”

  • Nancy Collins:

    Hey Dave,

    In one of your videos you mentioned some sample “why my blog is do follow” in the reference section. My eyesight is not what it used to be, can’t seem to find the reference. Can you point me in the right direction?

    Thanks, Nancy

  • Hayley Keen:

    Hi Dave,

    I have come back to look for the same thing as Nancy, if you could point me there too.


  • Dave:

    I have now added several “do follow” articles.

  • Hayley Keen:

    Thanks Dave!


  • Andrew Peel:

    There is a new plug-in I have become aware of called KeywordLuv. I think it’s awesome the way it works is as follows.

    You tell people in your DoFollow Manifesto on your sidebar text widget to leave comments in a way that earns them better links. You should also look for KeywordLuv Blogs if you can. The format to leave comments in is


    The plugin strips out YourName and automatically creates a backlink for the the person with KeyWordPhrase as the the Anchor text.

    That should really help encourage people to leave comments and then you can reciprocate.

    You need to download the plugin and manually install it from the plugin section.

    If you go to my Blog right click on the first post and open in new tab you will see how the plug in looks.

    Dave you may find it worthy to add to you list of recommended plugins.

  • Sharon Shirley:

    Hi Dave,
    I’ve watched the videos on Blog commentating, they are great BTW, but I’m still a little confused about one thing.

    When leaving comments on a “do follow” site and they ask for a name instead of leaving my ‘name’ (Sharon)I should use a keyword such as ‘computer home business’is that right?

    This keyword should be a one of my ‘money page’ keywords, and I should use my name(sharon)only if it’s a site that is off topic or an unmoderated one.

  • Dave:

    Thanks Andrew,
    There are a couple of other possible plugins we could also try, however, I picked the ones that I thought would be the most straight forward and the most effective. There are so many interesting products to try, that a person can spend their time trying them all out and never get into the routine of consistently building backlinks.

    Please let us know how this plugin works out for you. If it is effective over time, then we can add it as an optin.


  • Dave:

    Good Question Sharon,
    This is a case where you need to use your good judgment.

    On the one hand the best link we can get is from a blog in our community, a post that Google recognizes as having the same keyword theme as ours and we leave our key word as the anchor text in the “name” field of the comment.

    On the other hand if that blog owner is not allowing keywords in the name field, he will certainly interpret the use of keywords as SPAM and will not approve the comment. So your time spent leaving the comment would be wasted. Or worse yet, he marks you as spam, and you will automatically be denied the privilege of commenting on that blog in the future.

    So to make that determination you need to look at the following:

    * Has the blog owner allowed others to leave keywords in the name field. Determine this by looking a the other comments, or if yours is the first comment, look at comments on a previous post that does have comments.

    * Many blog owners will put a notice above the comment box asking that you don’t leave keywords – pay attention to these instructions

    The bottom line is if in doubt leave your name. It is far better to leave your name and have a “good” link than to risk having your comment unapproved and losing a “best” link.


  • Nancy Collins:

    Hi Dave, I thought the Jan & Feb blog listings were in this section, but I don’t see them anymore. Did you move them, or discontinue?

  • Hayley Keen:

    Hi Nancy,

    I was looking at it earlier today, then when I went looking for it, it took me a little while to find it!

    Anyway, click on “Dashboard” then “Research Lists”


  • Dave:

    I have now put the resource list in the side bar

  • Nancy Collins:

    Thanks for all your help.

  • Dave,
    I just clicked on keyword training and got this:

    Wrong Member Level
    You have accessed a page to which you do not have membership access to.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks, I am really glad this site is here. Whenever I forget how to do something, it’s here!


  • Dave,
    The new keyword targeting section is absolutely what I needed. Thank you so much.

    There is everything we talked about in coaching and more.

    By using that last section “overview” I was able to go through the process much more quickly and confidently than before watching the entire section of keyword targeting that you put online yesterday.

    Yes I was up til 2am at least, but just couldn’t rest until I went through the process first!

    What fun!

    Thanks again,

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