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Backlink Automation

In competitive markets, the most significant factor we must consider when we are trying to get our site ranked is backlinks and lots of them. The problem we all face is how do we achieve the huge number of backlinks without spending a huge amount of mind numbing time doing it. Automation is the answer.

In this SEO module we will learn:

  • Why you must consistently be building massive amounts of new backlinks
  • How many backlinks do I actually need?
  • How to overcome the inertia of a new domain.
  • An automated source for "Organically Grown" backlinks
  • What activity will cost you 1 hour of time but create 100's of backlinks for months to come



Automating Backlinks

  • Introduction and Review
  • How Many Backlinks do I Need?
  • Backlink Formula
  • Spinning Articles for SEO Link Vine
  • Dave's Spinning Formula
  • Summary




Cheat Sheet




Google .EDU and .GOV Search Strings

Enter these strings one at a time into Google and sort the results by PR with SEO. These examples can be used for GOV backlinks as well, just replace EDU with GOV. Please note that there is NO space after the "site:".

These searches target forums and various types of Blogs and Content Management Sites (CMS). You can register on these sites and leave your links in the BIO or URL section of your profile.

Please respect the site owners and don't spam the sites you find.

  • inurl:CreateUser.aspx
  • inurl:register.aspx
  • inurl:"wp-signup.php"
  • inurl:register.php "agree"
  • "powered by expressionengine"
  • "powered by vbulletin" inurl:"register.php"
  • "powered by SMF" inurl:register
  • "powered by drupal" inurl:"register"
  • "powered by punbb"
  • inurl:blog "post a comment" -"comments closed" -"you must be logged in"

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