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July’s Updates


Summer's here. Yeah….

Check out this month's backlink package. I have over 100 profile and blog comment URL's for you that are verified, and ready to go. Go to the Rearch Lists link in the sidebar to the right.

I know I hate spending these warm summer days doing backlinks so I have two solutions for you this month.

First, after much searching, I have finally found a productivity tool that is both inexpensive and effective. Meet RoboForm.
 This simple little tool has a very powerful form filling tool that will cut the time it takes you to do profile links, article submission or Press Release submissions to multiple sites to a fraction of the time it takes you to do this by hand.

Check out the Free RoboForm demo.

Secondly, I want to remind  you that the backlink co-op is now active. I am going to place the order for this month's backlinks on the 15th of the month.

The package constists of 200 profile type backlinks done for you each and every month. For more information follow this link.
 Backlink Co-op


This month's webinar will be on ANALYTICS. I know it sounds like a boring topic, but it is very very important to the success of your marketing effort.

We will learn:

  • Why Analytics are so important
  • By paying attention to analytics, you will save time and money.
  • The best FREE tools available
  • A weekly, and monthly flowchart for analyzing you sites.

(The training will be online immediately after my next webinar… so stay tuned)

June’s Updates

I have two updates for you this month.

New Backlink List

  • June's backlink list has over 100 verfied DoFollow Blog and Profile sites.
  • Download June's list here

Backlink Co-op

I have been testing various backlink services for several months now. I am confident I have found a service that can deliver good quality profile backlinks at a reasonable price. By pooling out linking requirements together, I can keep the price low for you and provide additional value by maintaining better link IP diversity. (what ever that means  :-)

So if you are too busy to create profile backlinks for yourself, or you just haven't got around to it, then you need to check out the Backlink Co-op page.

This forms the last piece of our backlink strategy. You have spent many many hours putting great content on your blog. It would be a shame if no one saw your creation. You must build a large quantity and consistently build backlinks each and every month before Google will place you blog were it belongs in the listings.

Just to remind you here is what this strategy looks like:

  1. Hand Build 5-10 high PR, relevant links or .gov or .edu links each month
  2. Use SEO LinkVine to automate your "good" quality backlinks (if you missed getting SEO LinkVine then an alternative is Unique Article Wizard)
  3. Subscribe to the Backlink Co-op and automatically have 200 profile backlinks built for you each month.


May’s Training

For this month I have a new training module called Forum Backlinks. This module has several techniques for finding high PR backlinks on Forums. There is also a technique for getting backlink target sites delivered monthly to your in box.

As a bonus this month, I have also done a video on finding .EDU and .GOV sites where you can leave a backlink. As you are aware, Google loves .EDU and .GOV sites. So finding a simple way to locate these sites is critical. This technique is so simple, it's almost too good to be true.

One of the projects I have been working on is a method for getting a large volume of backlinks pointing to our sites using some automated tools. I tried to find a free method, but as they say, "You can't get something for nothing". So the two techniques I have for you will cost you a modest amount each month, but the time savings will be huge.

By outsourcing the bulk of your backlinking, you will be able to spend time doing the high value work of writing articles, finding high value backlinks in your community and spending time on the social media sites with your prospects.

Click on the Link Co-op button to see the new Link Co-op service. As usual, I should charge more, but my goal was to get the best deal possible for you.



February 19, 2010

Welcome to the DIY SEO training site. My first training module is now on line. Blog Commenting is an excellent way for the SEO newbie to get their feet wet and start building high value Backlinks to  their website or blog.

I have also released the January SEO introduction series on this site as well. The series has been edited down to make it more watchable. If you are new to website promotion, you should take the time to watch this introductory series. It attempts to get you inside Google's head and to understand what this thing we call "Search Engine Optimization" SEO is all about.

Even if you don't intend doing the SEO and backlinking yourself, and you plan to have it outsourced, then you should also watch this series. It will prepare you with the basic knowledge that will protect you from the scammer who prey on the unknowledgeable website owner.